Take the edge off without losing your edge. Whether you're kicking your feet up after a long day at work, or looking for an alcohol-replacement but still want to enjoy yourself—our full spectrum hemp gummies are the perfect way to relax without the next-day side effects.

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Elevate Your Well-Being The Natural Way

& Start Your Journey to a Calmer, More Balanced Life

Enhanced Relaxation for Deeper, More Restful Sleep

All-natural sleep aid helps reduce anxiety and improves sleep quality

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3 Reasons

To Try Feel Spectrum Gummies

Products that include the full canna spectrum allow users to fine-tune their dosage to achieve desired effects, such as more significant pain relief or better sleep, which might not be as effectively achieved with other products.

We offer two different strengths of gummies to help you find the perfectly balanced bliss you're looking for.


Are New Horizon gummies legal in my state?

Yes! All New Horizon products are federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill. We ship to all 50 states. Hemp laws are continually changing and if you have any questions, please contact us!

Where is your hemp sourced from?

Our hemp is grown in Colorado by generational farmers using the best practices in the industry.

How many Feel Spectrum™ gummies should I take?

Feel free to take as much as you find most beneficial for you. As with anything new, start out small and assess how you feel after each dose and adjust accordingly the next time!

Will your gummies make me feel "high" or paranoid?

Nope! Our gummy formula is perfectly balanced to ensure you can relax without unwanted side effects. You'll experience the relaxation without the haze.